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I have one plant that is about a week out from harvest, and 3 clones from that plant, that I have in veg, waiting to put in flowering as soon as the other plant is done.

The clones sit in my window sill, and get light from sunrise until about 3 pm on a sunny day. As soon as they are not getting direct sunlight, I move them into my tent, and then back to the window sill when the lights turn off in the tent (9 pm).  They are getting 14 hrs of light.

This morning I noticed that my clones are really starting to put out little pre-flowers.  I was not planning on flipping these to flower for another two weeks. Do I need to worry about light pollution when they are in this state? I still need to repot them and give them a little more veg before flowering, and now I’m worried about stressing them because they have started to flower.  I don’t have another location or extra lights where I can put them under extra light to get up to 16/18 hrs of light. Should I not worry about light pollution/stress/hermie in this pre-flower state, or should I repot them, and just put them into 12 hrs right now?

Thank you in advance.