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supsup DGC… hope everyone is doing great and feeling irie… had 3 autos this year (train wreck) smelling like stinky armpits but in a good way… 🙂 well I had a few small buds on the underside, as I dont cut them if they show any signs of growing into smokable weed. now as i was curing the batch I wasn’t impressed with the smell of the smaller buds, they were lacking. anyways im a heavy flower smoker and rarely throw away any bud unless rot or something but i wanted to improve the taste somehow, and i remembered a passage from ED ROSENTHALS book marihuana’s growers guide that talks about different curing methods to improve flavour and flue curing was one that i had tried before, (about 20 years ago) and like it. It gives the weed a completely different flavour, almost like it is rolled into a tobacco leaf but sweet. BUT what I’m wondering is what effect it has on the THC or resin in the flower..  oh yeah and i flue cure by putting weed that’s been only half dried into a mason jar and loosely closing the lid and then put the jars in a food dehydrator which warms them up, not sure of exact temp but comparable to hot water that comes out the tap HOT.. anyways after 1 1/2 to 2 days later the weed has turned brown bc it looses ammonia fast and then its dried and cured as normal. anyways always a nice treat to have, very unique taste, and I’m a non tobacco smoker. and it still gets me high… anyways happy days everyone.