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What’s goin’ on folks of the DGC,   So I’m almost ready to pull some clones and it’s my first time, so naturally I have many questions. Being in Prohibitia, I’m only looking to have 3 total plants, in different stages so I can have a perpetual grow with one plant being harvested at a time. Once I clone this one, I’ll wait a few days before switching to bloom (or should I wait?).   Ive read different opinions on flushing a few days with water before taking cuttings, to flush some nitrogen out as N inhibits root growth. Others say it isn’t an issue and you’re just starving your plant. What do you guys think about this? Flush or no flush, and if so, how many days before cloning?   I picked up clonex gel, and understand most of the cloning process, but what’s the word on mixing a foliar spray to help the cutting establish roots? Should I feed at all? Lastly, should I use Rhizotonic during this time at all or wait until roots are established?   I include a collage pic of 15 days of growth. It’s blue dream from seed in a 2.5 gal Hempy made from hydroton at the bottom 2″ and the rest is perlite. Feeding with GH Flora 3-part and I just starting using Rhizo.  It shares a 700W Mars-Hydro LED for 12 hours (my DWC is in flower) then gets moved under two 65w CFL bulbs (which is to keep it in veg as I don’t have another option for lighting). Gets about 3-4 hours of dark before being moved.   I’ll stop rambling now, thanks ahead for any and all knowledge you folks have to share. – The Purple Nurple