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What’s up DGC. Today marks day 80 from popping above ground out of seed coating (cotyledons)showing.  I started a GG#4 Auto from expert seeds in coco /perlite mix’ placed in 2 gal fabric pot under 300w Amazon LED in 2x2x4 vivosun grow tent.

I started flushing 5 days ago and by flushing I was watering 2 liters of pH 5.8-6.0 twice a day. First 3 days i used flawless finish by Advanced nutrients and at this point day 6 I am noticing the amber trichomes have slowed production.. 5 days ago I noticed more on the leaves and about 5-10% of bud coverage. So I started flushing to get the synthetics i used out. Below are some pictures of her today and thinking she actually could use another 10 days or so. Should I keep watering just plain pH balanced water until harvest or since I’m in coco and can flush quickly, should I throw some Overdrive (advanced nutrients late bloom bud ignitor) for 5 days or whats do you guys think from the images. Thanks.