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Hey DGC love the show and can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge I’ve obtained from watching the show. I also just recently became a patron. This is my first grow and it is going pretty well I am currently at day 35 in flower. I am growing double Bubba by the Bank genetics. ok so i’m in Ocean forest and happy frog mix with coco, earth worm and perlite. I am also using the full line of biobizz products that I got at my local hydro store so I am using all organic products. i am also using tap water “with conditioner” that the owner of the hydro store told me would have enough calcium and ect in it already for my plants considering where I live. so my question is do I now need to use distilled water or RO to flush and if I can use the tap water to flush do I need to pH test it since I am “organic”? thank you so much guys