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Hey DGC,

Gonna attempt my first outdoor this year and take a break from hydroponics. Plus I’m cheap and don’t wanna run A.C. in the summer summer time. Should be getting my seeds next week and plan on veggin them indoors until it gets warm enough here in Leroy, Michigan to plant them outside. Gonna just transplant them directly into the ground. Plus these are NOT autoflowers so I’m way out of my realm. I always a grow a good vegetable garden so figured I’d try growin some outdoor DANK.

My question is what’s the flushing process for outdoors? I plan on using Dyna-Gro bottled nutrients and maybe some worm castings, compost (ect) and of course RECHARGE.

Also one more question if I can squeeze.. since the plants will get rain water should I collect some and measure the pH and make it the same when I hand water. Otherwise figured I’d try a adjust pH around 6.5-6.7.

Love the show shout out to Banner for like bombing my Instagram ✌️✌️

Hydro Larry ✌️ ✌️