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I know there have been a lot of flushing ?s covered but this is one of the main things I have a problem with each grow.  I never know when to flush.  This is the first time I have attempted to do everything right.  I thought I was before but I was wrong.  I have these plants in coco perlite probably 60/40.

They are currently on week 11 of flower.  I had some things happen I suspected would slow them down namely mites and I sprayed them with oil soap and azamax at the 3-5 weeks time which killed a lot of the white pistils.  This got the mites under control but seemed to slow everything down.  The pistils dying worried me but I have been seeing a lot of new ones develop recently and the buds are growing it seems but I did raise my ppms the last 3-4 waterings after realizing I had been underfeeding by going strictly by the mls in the recipe I was using . When I look with my loupe a lot of them are cloudy then I look at another bud and they are more clear ones than cloudy or amber.

I have had them on mendo avalanche for 3 almost 4 weeks now but I only water some of them every 3-4 days.  If I continue to feed do I keep using this or cut it out?  Should I just flush them all and harvest at this point considering a 2 week flush would put them at 13 weeks or what?

Do environmental factors slow flower or is a plant done when that strain is done regardless of what goes on while it is flowering?  I don’t want to start flushing to early but it seems like these plants should be ready by now.

What do you go by when flushing?  I know it needs what 2 good weeks of plain water.

When do you normally cut the Recharge?

Do you flush like trying to get salts off when you start the flush or just water till runoff with plain pH’d water like you would with nutes?

Should I lower the nutes slowly over a couple waterings or just cut them off?

I am really going for that lay you back stoned couch lock heavy body buzz with these they are for personal use so I dont want to rush it but I also don’t want to keep them going to long trying to get them ready and ruin my plants.

Is there a comprehensive guide to this somewhere?

I have tried getting photos of the trichs to post on here but they don’t want to come out clear.   Got a little micro lens and of course it wont fit my phone.