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Whats up DGC? How is everyone today?

Was recently on Discord and chatting up about my grow. Currently using a reptile fogger instead of the traditional humidifier. A humidifier takes up a large footprint inside the grow tent and it can make the walls of the tent drip with condensation. I had a large, ultrasonic 4L humidifier but it was just too much for the 3×3.

After getting a little too lifted, I got lost in the endless void that is YouTube. Watched a video about a guy that has 8 anacondas in a single terrarium and he was talking about his fogging system for humidity. I bought one the next day. The fogger can sit outside the tent, at which point you just have to run the 1 inch corrugated tubing to the tent. Easy maintenance inside the tent and less maintenance for the actual fogger. Β It got the attention of another DGC member who couldn’t figure out how to humidify his dishwasher grow. He suggested I submit this as a Grow Hack for the show. It has the most potential for growers in very limited spaces but can be used in larger rooms or tents. There are Y adaptors for the fogger hoses and that makes it possible to run humidity to two grows. Foggers are the better choice in my opinion and don’t take up any of that “expensive real estate” as Scotty would say.

The only con I have for the fogger is the tubing condensates. If your tubing sits higher than the actual fogger, the condensation drips back into the fogger to get used up. If the tubing sits below the fogger, you will need a water catch. I have a 4×4 inch water catch inside my tent for that reason.