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Hey Buds,

Greetings from Cali. I pray you are all well & well lit for today’s Q & A.

Recently I decided instead of doing 3 or 4 separate foilar feedings & IPC treatments I would simply combine my neem oil, spinosad, liquid kelp, superthrive, aloe vera, etc.,  all together in my sprayer with some surfactant & go to town.

I figure, as long as I’m not over 150 PPM I should be cool.

So far I’ve done this 3 times & haven’t seen any ill effects. It appears to be working??

I would really love to know if you guys if you feel this might be beneficial w/o negative effects or if I’m just simply a complete moron.

Either way your honest feedback is invaluable & very much appreciated.

God Bless the DGC!

Love Always,