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Ok guys, I admit it, I am a 3 part user. Namely because I am poor and like the control synthetics provide with consistent results. Generally I mix them in 1.5 gal as follows:
4 ml micro
6 ml grow
2 ml bloom
3 ml cal mg+
5 ml flora blend
1.5 ml armor si (silica)
1.5 ml floralicious plus
I came up with 378 ppm with a tap ppm of around 85 pH at 6.0. What I am wondering is what should I dilute this to for foliar feeding. I have some distilled I was gonna mix it with and give them a feeding but I am never sure the amount I should be using I have diluted it to half strength and I have tried 3rd, and quarter strength too. I don’t feed them like that very often these haven’t had a foliar feeding since I pulled them out of the clone dome after 4 days so they are definitely due for one. If I should not use any of these when foliar feeding let me know. This is the mix I fed them with today except it had superthrive and Recharge added when I watered them. Also the seedling that is droopy with the brown on the leaves. Overwatering maybe? I think I let it get a bit root bound I didn’t transplant it until it got that size. Not sure why so droopy though maybe to wet. I knocked it off a stool about 3 feel high and it hasn’t recovered yet. They have grown a lot since my post a couple days ago they amaze me with what they can do.