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What’s up Dude and Scotty! My question is about foliar. I currently foliar 3 times a week. 2 times feed (mostly growmore products), 1 time pest control. If any bugs show up, I switch it up to 2 pest control and 1 feed. I was wondering if I could drop down to 2 sprayings a week and just add pest control in with the feeding or is it more effective to keep them separate? Also, I have recently switched to Green Cleaner (from Neem) for pest control, but was wondering if I could combine the 2 to really punch the bugs in the face when they show up? I have been benefiting from listening to the show for around a year now and I love what you guys are doing. Thanks you Dude, Scotty, and my fellow DGC, I have been able to bring THE DANK to my little corner of Michigan! Thanks everyone!