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Lately I’ve been wanting to get more into foliar feeding like on specific nutrients that might not be more readily available or just help with growth in general. What I had in mind was cal magic just to make sure I don’t go in a cal mag deficiency which I always buffer but it happen to me last time so this I figure would be more like a preventative measure. I also wanna add something that’s gonna help the leaves fight against heat stress or climate trouble which I barely have. I mean sometimes my tent jumps up to 82 degrees and I know the plant gets hotter then what the actual ambient temp so I just wanna do something in foliar that might help. I run general hydroponics and I have all their products and a few others. I also have cannazyme and voodoo juice that I haven’t been using but I mainly rock with general. I just wanna mix something up with what I already have like I can use that to feed specifically what I want the plant to intake quicker and I think that’s a really good tool once I dial it in and do it right.