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Hey guys, I have two 24×80 greenhouses,ceilings are 16 feet tall, and I’m in raised beds.  I’m in Norcal, and we have been getting tons of rain and cold weather so my plants aren’t drinking very quickly–I’m only able to feed once a week and that’s a stretch as I’m seeing overwatering.  I am currently using Dutch Pro, and a compost tea which I foliar spray weekly.  I also spray preventatively weekly for pests.  Also, I am spraying streptomyces every 10-14 days to prevent PM.

I have been successful so far keeping my humidity around 60% with my dehus and heater, but with outdoor temps as low as 32F, and daytime outdoor temps around 45F, the plants aren’t drinking as quick as I would want.

So I am wondering, since my plants aren’t drinking as quickly due to the cold, is it advisable to foliar feed my bloom nutes?  I am day 23 in flower.

Thanks so much for your amazing show!