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Folic Acid Pills

So my wife has lupus and she gets so many meds prescribed to her from her doctor. So happens that 1mg folic acid is one of them. She has a surplus of meds and the other day we were cleaning  out our medicine  cabinet.  She had 2-300 extra pills.  As she was throwing them out I told her not to because I maybe could use them in the garden.

My my first reaction was that it wouldn’t help anything. However I have a couple seedlings that I have been trying some new techniques on as a sample because I’m not making the mistake again due to an experiment that went wrong that took out 3/4 of my garden. Since then I keep a couple plants that I do things different with to see if it helps.

So I took a couple 1 mg pills and using a hand turning pill crusher I crushed up 5 pills to put in a gallon bucket. After crushing I put in water and stored till dissolved. I began to water my seedlings. After 36 hours I’m seeing a huge burst of growth In leaf material and more importantly significant root growth which I can see due to using clear solo cups for my seedlings.

I’ve done a few searches and haven’t seen any reference to my experiment on google. Doing this also made me look and see if there was anything else in medicine cabinet that can be used in the grow. First one that I looked up was vitamin c and d. And to my surprise vitamin c is used in plant growth which I didn’t know that. I am gathering supplies to do an experiment using vitamin c in the future.

I would like like to get some input and see if I’m fucking something up or am I doing something right.

Thanks,  Grat420. Get roasted and Toasted.