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Hi guys. I’m about to start my first grow and I heard on one of the episodes that plants can take a little bit of chloramine. I use a water quality test from Lowes and the results are as follows
Hardness 250
Chlorine .5
alkalinity 120
pH 8
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 5
I’ll be using Happy frog dry amendments in happy frog soil and using Recharge every 7-10 days.
Should I worry about filtering the water or are those levels okay?
Also, I heard de-ionized water spoken of as well. I do have a portable water de-ionzer from from I detailed cars. If the water levels are fine, I won’t worry about replacing the resin in it, but if they are not I will use that. Thanks for all your help guys. I’ve gotten the confidence to do this from listening to the dude grows while I’m at work. I’m new to the show so I have a lot of past shows to go through and you all make it easy to listen to.