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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru, and crew.

I posted back in July and I wanted to do a follow up.  Let me recap…  Back on June 7th, I moved 6 clones outside.  They had been vegging for a couple months and went from 7 gal fabric pots to 25 gal plastic containers when they moved outside.  By July 7th, 2 of the plants were showing buds.  I asked then what to expect and when would they finish.  I was hoping that since it was after the summer solstice, and days were getting shorter, that they would just keep on flowering and finish early…  Well I didn’t include a pic in that first post, so Scotty assumed I was mistaking pistols for buds, and I think guru mentioned that if it was blooming, it would probably reveg…  Well here we are in Mid August and the other 4 plants are starting to flower.  Here is what the buds look like on the early bloomers (pics taken Aug 12th).  Is this a reveg?  It looks like a regular bud to me.  Surely this thing isn’t going till mid Oct.  What do you think?