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Hello all,  I have been dealing with russet mites. When I first brought clones in, I only dusted with DE. I was busy in a harvest and really just was full of myself. So clearly I learned a lesson we all know.  Fast forward to me realizing I had mites. I immediately threw out all the clones I blamed. I then started my routine of spraying. Asa max, dr.zymes, de, dr zymes ,asa max, dr zymes, SPINOSAD, SPINOSAD,asa max. Seek and he shall find. I would just keep looking and looking and eventually I’d find another little turd clipper hanging out. By this time only on one strain. It was almost like fungus. They had become one with the magic melon. From the first time I found them, my buddy B Dogger had started spraying Forbid. That is his only go to. (He dose not smoke). He also dose not have mites anymore. I had it in my toolbox. It’s a little green bottle. I really wanted to do this the right way though… so I sprayed, cleaned, sprayed, cleaned repeatedly. I felt like a loser every time I would find one. I pulled the bottle out multiple times. Then feel guilty and put it back. Well I had enough. The plants are small in veg. I know how to use chemicals safely. I have head to toe chemical suit and mask. I know how to clean up after. I did it. I felt dirty. I no longer have any russet mites. These chemicals are dangerous and I don’t feel good about using them. We all have different situations and different responsibilities. I am pro organic. I do not believe that the majority of humans will use dangerous chemicals properly. I felt like I need to be honest about what I did and maybe share how to do it as safe as possible.

1. All exhaust fans off
2. full chemical resistant suit and gloves
3.full face mask with respirator
4. mixed only as much as I need
5. Used all on plants
6. Cleaned up with safety gear still on
7. wiped all switches and over spray off and followed with soapy rag.
8. Soapy rag washed my mask before pulling off.
9. removed gloves and gear while still wearing my latex gloves (I wear these under my big gloves)
10. Sat and felt like a quitter cuz gave in to the little green bottle.

I have no more russet mites.
I hope I have not let you down too bad.
Hopefully still your darling Dudette Bec from where it’s always sunny in Bectopia