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What’s up dgc,

I figured it was time to submit a dank nug. I’m a home grower from Montana who started growing about 2 years ago so we wouldn’t have to buy weed anymore. Now that I’m growing for my wife and I, I’m able to hand out jars of weed to my family. Not only do I not have to pay for my smoke now but neither do my mom or dad. What a blessing! I found your show through rasta jeffs podcast sometime last year and have been a dedicated listener and watcher since. I actually got the forbidden fruit seed from my neighbor and it has the coolest looking purple that I’ve grown yet with a really heavy grapefruit smell. In the picture of them cut and drying the other plant is an orangegasm by irie genetics also which has a really gassy funk with a heavy citrus orange scent. These are the first time I’ve run these ones, so I’m really anticipating getting to try them soon! I appreciate everything you guys do for the community and all the information you guys are able to share. Stay lifted, stay irie, and grow good weed!!!

Adam Taydee edens_garden2021