Every morning at 4:20am The Dude, Scotty Real & Grow Guru are waking and baking and talking to their community of growers, affectionately known as The DGC. Each “Wake & Bake America” morning show rolls up 30+ years of combined grow experience to push prohibition down and spread the cannabis knowledge, from our own, unique, growers perspectives!

Join our community of growers, and let our crew of 25,000+ subscribers know (through shoutouts/ interview videos/ mentions on the show) that you’re a friend and supporter of the DGC. We preach “vote with your dollars” as a show motto & our community supports its own.

Become an active member of the DGC and let our community of growers know what’s coming up next and why it’s exciting! We’ve built the platform and the community. We’ll even introduce you. We’ve done the hard work, all you have to do is show up, be legit, and bring your fire gear!


  • Professional 30 minute, interview style video conducted via phone, Skype or personal visit to Colorado
  • We do all the work, all you need is a clear phone connection
  • Send us your best pics, videos & sales collateral for us to embed
  • Breeder videos are hosted on both Podcast and YouTube platforms and continue to add views and comments as they age.
  • Mr. Soul did a great job with his and has over 8,000 views
  • Next year he’ll have even more views of the video, which leads to fans of his work, which leads to subscribers to his channels and buying his gear!
  • Excellent long term brand building tool
  • Use in conjunction with your DGC Breeder status to turn our 25,000+ daily subscribers into new subscribers of your social media channels too

$500 per video


A DGC Breeder Shoutout is a short (35 word or less) message written by you and read at the beginning of the show by one of the hosts.

If the shoutout is interesting, it’s usually followed by some discussion which acts as additional promotion.

  • Shoutouts are clipped and added to the “Wake and Bake America” YouTube channel.
  • These videos continue to gain views, comments and yield customers, many years after their release.
  • The more you share and comment on your videos, the more the community will share and comment back.

Cancel Anytime, Sorry No Refunds.

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