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Long time listener, first-time poster… of nugs, that are dank. May I present for your viewing pleasure, the Formula 1 by Archive seed bank. This is a hybrid that took 11.5 weeks to finish flower and has turned out nice and frosty.

I use Remo nutrients, 50/50 coco/perlite in the 7 gallon autopot systems. For lighting, I use the Optic LED 8+ and keep the room averaging 25c (77F) with humidity averaging 30%. I use pH 6.0, RO water and Recharge when I transfer a clone into a new pot and typically flush for 2 weeks before harvest. In this case, I didn’t know when the plant would finish so it got a 4.5 week flush! (I feed as high a ppm as the plant can take so there was lots of leftovers in the medium)
I gave them 72 hrs of darkness and cut them in the dark (green light), removed the larger fan leaves, then left them to hang in the dark for 14 days in 20c (68F) before doing the dry trim.

In flower, they smelled like pine, gas, and fruit punch. After drying the terps are leaning towards a gassy licorice. I like to cut at 10% amber so this is a heavier stone that makes me stop finding one more chore to do in the grow room and sit down and chill, which is always needed.

Thanks for the show! I owe you my sanity after a week in trim jail.