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Hey, Hey, Hey DGC. I thought this was a timely question considering the recent episode with Scotty and James Bean from Seedsherenow. Probably for misc. stress reasons, I usually find at least one or two seeds in roughly 1/3 of my grows. These misfit seeds are usually pretty pale in color. I recently grew 4 feminizes autos and I found one seed that looked pretty viable on a Ghost OG from Original Sensible Seed Company. I thought, what the hell and threw it in a cup of water. I meant to check on it in 24 but I accidentally went 48 and sure as shit, the seed popped with a nice healthy looking tap root while floating in the cup. So, I guess my question is how likely is this to be a female? Obviously the Ghost OG must have went hermie or one of the other 3 did and pollinated this one plant. Either way, just wondering what others experiences are? Thanks DGC!