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Hey DGC, sshaun23 here and just wanted to get some of that great DGC advice from the community. I have been growing for about 3 years now and I have gone through a lot of changes in my grow style and I learned most of everything I know front this podcast and the grow from your heart podcast and build a soil with Jeremy on YouTube. Thank you all for what you do!!

anyways, I am growing organically in living soil beds that are a little over a year old now. They started with 1/3 peat, compost and aeration and have been getting a mulch layer of plant clippings and cover crop with craft blend top dress, bokashi and insect frass mainly. I water in with recharge, mammoth p and silica and or just plain water. Lights are HLG quantum boards with rspec. 4×8 bed has two 550’s over it and 3×3 bed has a 350R over it.

My main issue is I have been getting fox tailing really bad on the top buds the last couple grows. The plants go from 1 gals in veg to living soil beds for flower and that first couple weeks the growth has been crazy and I think the fox tailing is coming from light intensity and probably a little too much heat. Temps with lights on have been 78-83 and about 60-65% humidity. Top buds closest to the lights on 2/3 strains being grown have been fox tailing and one of the genetics never does it.

I finally decided to break down and get co2 supplemented and I put in a mini split to be able to control the environment perfectly now. The co2 controller will keep the level between 1400-1500 now and I’m using a propane burner. Do you all think with the added co2 at 1500 Ppm and the better air exchange with the mini split that if I shoot for 82 degrees and light ppm not more the 1000 that I should be ok now and not get the fox tailing? I know part of it can just be genetics but I have grown these same 3 strains for over a year now and I have had zero fox tailing on previous runs.

Also, do you run co2 all the way through flower and any recommendations for late flower temps now that I can get them colder with the mini split? Want to try to bring out more color.

pics attached show 3 strains with 2/3 foxtailing

Any advice you all have is greatly appreciated!!