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What’s good DGC? Shout out for all the knowledge/stories your team shares. Less than a year in the sport and i’m loving it… This is a 2nd generation monster cropped clone (Gen1 cloned in early flower, that clone taken to flower and this clone taken from that Gen2 during week 2 of flower). Gen1 came from a seed i found in the treads of my sandals when I got home from Jamaica several years ago, so no idea what it is.

Anyway, this is purely experimental and is just something to learn from while my first controlled grow with identifiable genetics is in progress. First gen flowered nicely and is a story for another time. Gen 2 hermied sometime mid-flower from light stress but likely after I snipped this hormonal nightmare into a rooter. What say you? Boy? Girl? Both? Carnivorous looking, frosted sticky stink twig? Again, this thing was intended for learning and observation only so I’m not looking for tips on improving it… yet. Gonna throw some Recharge in the mix this weekend and document.