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Hey guys! Thanks for the help in Episode 1160! Thought I’d give you an update and verify a few things. So yes, I’m a new grower. I have an indoor grow going right now which is my 1st grow ever. The “abused puppies” I “adopted” lol came to me roughly 2 weeks into my 1st grow. Being that I just bought everything for my indoor grow, I was not prepared to buy more equipment and an additional tent at this time, which is where the original question was coming from 🙂 Anyways, since then I did in fact put them in my garage and tossed a small t5 over them. I had one laying around from an old terrarium build years ago when I was breeding poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae). They have started to come around nicely and 3 of the 5 are actually doing quite well. Today I stepped it up a notch and made them a better home. I bought a 40g tote box to put them in, carefully repotted them all in fresh Ocean Forest soil (a mix I made using that actually), added a fan for circulation and mounted a much better light. I hit them with some Recharge and we’ll see how it goes. I’m optimistic! BTW, I truly enjoy you guys and thank you for putting out a great show with lots of content. I literally listen to you all every day, even if it’s a second or third listen, to and from work without fail. Every one of you guys make the show great and are the perfect mix of personalities. Keep up the amazing show, your listeners love it!! P.S. My last name is Hammer, you decoded my screen name correctly!

Pic 1: New Setup

Pic2: Progress

Pic3: Original Photo (As Adopted)

Pic4: Day 21 of my Indoor Grow (Northern Lights Auto)