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A friend of my wife’s gave me a little gift today. Her husband has been gathering seeds from dispensary flower this past year and roughly 3 weeks ago dropped some into pots in his backyard. They survived 3 days of heavy rain a couple weeks ago and for the most part seem to be doing ok considering the wet conditions (poor drainage), 38F night time temps and highs during the day under 65F … not to mention poor lighting in their backyard. Anyways, my wife shows up with 5 pots in a box last night, which I have placed in an open area of my backyard. My What should I do? Transplant? Bigger/Better pots? Better Soil? Throw them in the ground? I do know that I don’t want them contaminating my indoor grow, so they’re staying outside. Or should I throw them in my garage under a cheap T5? I’m at a loss, any help is appreciated.