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I’m reworking my ventilation setup and will be pulling fresh air from the crawl space of my house for cooling. In our warmest months, it gets 69F down there. I recently used the DGC discount on a chilled logic 4×4 fixture. When I used HID, a sealed hood vented on a thermostat was all I needed for 10 months out of the year. So, I’m looking at my filtration options. There’s a sick looking intake filter by Phat that is supposedly washable and will last a year…but is it worth the $100?– or I can go with a typical inline filter box and just replace the filters as needed. The crawl space is just soft, cold dirt…I will lay down a tarp or something below to mitigate pulling up dirt, but dirtying the filter too soon or often is my concern. Anyone have experience with fresh air filters?

Please save your “I would be worried about bugs” comments. Thanks! Trust me.

Here’s the Phat filter I mentioned:


My setup is a tent, constantly exhausted in a controlled room that is dumped outside on a humidistat with a passive intake from an unsealed closet next wall over. Heat is added by an oil-filled radiant heater with built-in thermostat.