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what up G’s! Thanks for playing my fall of prohibition report! My question today involves home extraction and whether or not to freeze dry part of my harvest of ethos strains Citral Glue, Gorilla Glue and forum cut cookies… I use “tupur” coco in 3 gal smart pots w/bio bizz, microbelife hydro, and some cutting edge solutions additives. Kind of a hybrid organic/synthetic approach depending on the plants need and stage. I do use c02 this run since started using Fluence bioengineerings spyderxplus…. traditionally I’d take some good small buds and trim and make dry ice kief sifted through bubble bags. Product is solid for hash pucks and loose topping but looking for a purer terpy product to be able to extract further from for wax or shatter etc. After listening to Guru speak about fresh frozen flower, I’m wondering the process and how long to freeze, what temp  etc???  Also is the flower pressable at this point or does bubble or dry ice kief is  hash need to conducted? What is best way to extract further after kief or bubble; rosin press, source turbo or any other home extraction methods?

peace and thanks for all your knowledge!