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Whats up DGC, Guru, Scotty, Dude,

Love the show. 1st Time grower.

My friend is almost as excited as I am about my grow. She is planning on starting a grow in March. Her only concern is she travels a lot and needs something as simple as possible. She has an adult son who works and plays video games in his room so is always there and capable of certain tasks. Obviously I want to steer her to the simplest method. She is a very talented IT person and will employ the Pulse ( I think that is right) type system, that I have heard about on the DGC, with WiFi cameras etc for remote visual monitoring as well.

She is open to any system. She likes the idea of medium based plants. Getting her hands dirty etc. She will consider any system. Coco/hydro, F&D, hempy… Her only prerequisite is ORGANIC!

I am not equipped to make the decision for her which, I believe, is what it will come down to.

P.S. Thanks to the community for helping me with my grow. Included is a 12 day progression of my Autoflower grow. 3x Critical Purple. 1x Tangerine Dream, and 2x Cream all from Grower’s Choice Seeds. And yes there are 5 pots. 2 Cream in one pot. I dropped a seed on the medium and for the life of me could not find it. I planted a 2nd seed in the pot. To my surprise the lost seed, which must have been sitting on top of the medium with no dome, popped and was a runt. I did not have the heart to kill her. Go underdog! Guess I have a SOG kind of thing going. My Phlizon Cree COB 3000 has a 3.5’x2.5′ footprint at 24″ These plants ATM are 3.5×2.5. Cant afford a supplemental light ATM. Which strip board such as Rapid LED Exotic or something from HLG would you recommend when I am ready to supplement my light FOOTPRINT. I’d like an Exotic board but not sure if that will just enhance my lights or increase the footprint?