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Greetings DGC!

In my last post, I was concerned about the resin production of my #Barneysfarm #Cookieskush plant I have at about 30 days into flower… Well, things just got much worse, as you can see by the photo(s)… She’s a herm!

The only thing I want to unzip and find a dick is my own fly! So, that’s the end of the road for this cultivar…. or is it? This plant is in a subirrigated 5-gal air pruning pot (Botanicare Hercules pot) and I highly suspect it is rootbound which would explain all of this. talesofchronica over on IG suggested that it may have covertly hermed out during the first few weeks of flower, switched to seed production and put the brakes on resin production.

I should be more pissed off as this is every grower’s worst nightmare, but I was lucky enough to have the worst thing happen at the best time possible. All my other girls are in veg and at least a month away from any flowering, so I don’t have to worry about seeding up any other plants. I have 6+ months of head stash built up, so no hurry to get more…. So I am going to let her run and see what happens. I already picked several more nanners off the buds the day after I initially discovered the male parts, so there is no point in fooling myself into believing I can  make it to harvest without fully seeding this crop. I want to make lemons out of lemonade and use this crisis as an opportunity to see how a hermed plant behaves. After almost 5 years of growing, this is my first hermaphrodite and the first seeded buds I have ever seen, so I might as well observe it until the end.

As for the clone I have in veg… I may run her and make sure to keep her with plenty of rootzone and see if the results are different. It’s 90% likely that I will give up all together on this cultivar, but if I just chop her and move on, I don’t learn as much. And I pledge to the DGC that I will not break one of the cardinal rule of cannabis growing… I will not pop ANY seeds that form from a hermed plant!