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Please tell me in detail, detail being the key word how exactly to use this thing in every way possible. Number one problem I’m having is getting the liquid sap out of leaves. I am using a garlic press. I should probably actually put a little metal plate where the holes are. Because it is cutting it up more than juicing it. Number two problem, timing and position on plants to take samples. Bud or leaf or juicy stem? I wish you would say stem because that would be the easiest. I have a bad feeling you’re not going to. Trust in the results. I did see a difference after I did A response to the report on my P leaves. I was out at five. According to chart information I had boron deficiency. I sprayed on a minute amount. 1 teaspoon per gallon water. Did spray and checked leaf day and a half later. It was up to 10. I really was not aware that these readings would tell me something so specific as boron being a problem. What else will this tell me about? Because unless I get a soil test sent out, all I see is NPK and that is not even necessarily all available. Basically who the hell knows what’s up with these and how many different ways can I use it? Because it was like only 20 something dollars. That’s pretty cheap testing equipment… So if it’s good things like a winner winner chicken dinner. Thanks for your time in this matter. It will not be on deaf ears. Go ahead and write a fucking book. I have really found out a lot of disappointing numbers around here. We don’t know what we don’t know. And luckily there is tons of people who like to tell us what our problem is lol but I don’t recommend taking one of these things to the grocery store. You may want them to pay you to eat it. Peace out jive turkeys