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Hey, Dude, Scotty, Guru and the rest of the DGC. You guys gave me some sound advice a few months ago about what levels to run my CO2 at for my new grow room and just wanted to update you guys on how the grow went as it is finishing up and set to get cut down in the next week.

I did end up following Scotty’s advice and ran the room at 800 ppm during late veg and 1200 ppm during the first 6 week of flower. With the higher temps and CO2, the plants exploded in growth – I didn’t even have time to finish painting the rest of the back wall before the plants were too big.

I have 4 Gelato #33 on the left and 4 Critical Orange Punch on the right. In addition to adding Co2 this grow, I also added 2x4ft Agromax UV and 10k finishing lamps to each of my 700 watt HLG fixtures and been running those for about 6 hrs a day. I have ran these LED lights for the last 3 grows, but the UV makes all the difference. I have never had buds this frosty.  The majority of them look like someone literally dipped them in fine sugar, and they are noticeably stickier to the touch.  They are in their last week now. Doing a flush with some winter frost and dropping the temps during the nights to the low 60’s to bring out the fall colors.

Feeling thankful this year I get to play around with my hobby in a legal state.  Thanks guys for all the help.