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Yo, DGC! Listening to and taking your guys advice has helped me grow amazing boutique style cannabis. For that, I will always be a supporter of the Dude Grows Show!

For any new growers out there, you can’t go wrong with getting gear from the DGC Pros list. Everything I have purchased from that list, and it is substantial, has delivered and gets my seal of approval. Plus you get a discount! Can’t go wrong!

This girl is Candy Store r1 from Ethos at day 58. She is frosty as fuck and has a lemon cookies kind of aroma that makes my mouth water a bit. This girl already had approximately 10% amber trichs at day 50. She was synganically grown using the New Mill secret sauce with a soil that is comprised of a coco and perlite base, with castings, insect frass, biochar, alf-alfa and kelp meal. If you ain’t using the Recharge, you ain’t really growing. I water in some Recharge aka “spice melange” every other feeding. Fantastic product! Is it weird I am digging the Recharge smell?

Props to you guys and all y’all do for my knowledge base and the hours of entertainment you provide. Oh ya, ya’ll be playing with my emotions when y’all skip a weekday of posting content. My anxiety goes through the roof when I don’t see that daily episode!