I recently made RSO using grain alcohol, which everything about this extract is natural and or organic. I highly recommend this over edibles if you can and really wanna taste the terpenes in edible extracted form. I just take it in a shot of Maple Syrup so it doesn’t stick to my teeth. The Dude would be proud ehh!… Here is the steps….

1. Soak your materialย  in jars in the freezer up to 2 days.

2. Strain material using unbleached coffee filters……should be bright green. I found a funnel helps back into Everclear jug if u need to save some of the green dragon.

3. Open kitchen window and make sure it’s well ventilated with fan. You will get a buzz from alcohol fumes.

4. Pour mix into 2 to 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup.

5. Set up a double boiler technique bringing the water to a light simmer.

6. Adjust heat accordingly but go low and slow 5 to 6 hours.

7. Halfway through you’ll want to swoosh the sides.

8. DONT BURN IT……it should look a lil runny it’s like a glaze. When the alcohol smells gone its done.

9. When all is said and done and I recycle them but these little plastic syringes off Amazon really are the most effective storage method for this stuff..

It’s very tacky and sticky. Dries on contact with teeth but the flavor n high are incredibly profound since it’s so pure. Hope this helps.