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Hello fellow DGC! I’ll get right to the point. I want to upgrade my veg light as I am currently using my clone/side lighting for my veg lights. They are 3 core85 by RapidLED, 2 4000k and 1 3200k. I was thinking of getting a HLG 300 Bspec to veg in my 4×4 tent but I got to thinking why not buy a light that I could use for veg and flower instead if s strictly veg light. I’m curious how big a difference the full spectrum/rspec instead of  bspec will make during veg? I Also have 4 royal blue pucks from RapidLED that I could put in my veg tent with a full spectrum/rspec light to give it that bspec that the veg plants like  And then I’d have a kickass flower light to go along with my 5×5 diy chilled Logic Puck kit that I currently use for flower. So I guess my question is whether or not a bspec vs rspec/full spectrum makes that  big a difference in veg keeping in mind I can add the 4 royal blue pucks to the rspec/full spectrum during veg if adding them even makes up for it or if it’s s Even a good idea. I was thinking of HLG 300 or 550/600 as far as size goes for a 4×4 tent. Thanks DGC! 💨✊

I posted pics showing the spectrums for HLG 550 Rspec, HLG full spectrum and HLG Eco spectrum for reference. As well as the lights I’m considering. I also posted a pic with all the spectrums so some spectrums may be shown twice. Thanks again!