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Big shoutout to everyone in this community and all the knowledge that gets shared which in turn enriches peoples lives.  I have 2 ladies day 11 of flower and with these being my 3rd time running this strain so I know they’ll go 70+ days.   recently added gaia green insect frass 3-2-4 to my arsenal and my question is should I top dress again during flower?  The slow release of nitrogen kinda scares me. I’m growing in coco/perlite/worm poop 65-25-10 with synthetic nutrients and green planet massive.

Second question is about genetics. I’m ready to try another cultivar and really want to grow something special and in Coots words ‘let’s get some THC growing here’.  I’m searching for the right seeds to try but my question surrounds seeds freezing in the mailbox up here. If this happens, will this affect the seeds negatively at all?

thanks in advance for any advice the crew can offer up