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What’s up growmies, It’s been a while since jumping on here in search of some answers but with Recharge being a staple with DGC I figure who better to ask. So, I have had issues with fungus gnats in the past and currently not growing due to “the law” but want to continue to learn while waiting to pop some seeds again. I used a coco mix I made myself with rinsed Gorilla Boost coco and a handful of perlite (80/20). Used Recharge from day 7 until a week from flush along with advanced nutrients perfect sense pH perfect line. I always seemed to get gnats and I am mostly able to control them by letting the top of the coco dry a little more and/or adding sticky traps. my real question is killing the larvae! they seem to thrive off the beneficials in Recharge along with springtails (which I have no problem with) but even after a 3:1 Hydrogen peroxide and a gallon of water mix I still can’t seem to get rid of these bastards. is the Recharge giving them more food to feed on? should I stop using microbes all together while flushing or for how long? I know Scotty has mentioned letting the coco dry more but then I run into pH swings or salt build-up from nutrients. thanks for the help guys