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Hey DGC here’s my fungus gnat trap. You’ll need: 01. A LED nightlight (as pictured, I found this at my local dollar store for $3). 02. A plastic (preferably yellow, also from the dollar store) filefolder that light can pass through, and a scissor or knife to cut to size. 03. A stapler. 04. Tree TangleFoot insect barrier 15oz tub, or a similar sticky substance, and something to spread it thinly on the plastic file folder. Assemble as shown in the pictures. The gnats are attracted to the light (insert sinister laughing here), where they meet their demise. I use one of these in my bathroom and one outside my grow tent. Works like a charm! Also re-usable. You can clean off the trap with an old rag and reapply the sticky stuff.