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FIRST! BIG LOVE TO THE DGC, GURU, SCOTTY AND DUDE!! So I Went away for a weekend and had a grand time! Unfortunately I forgot to update my watering schedule due to a few too many IPA’s and sunshine!…and funk my life I paid for it, and some-freakin-how got gnats in the hempys!! WTH?!…SURELY I must be the ONLY one capable of this atrocity!! So my question is how exactly should I approach this with a “Lost Coast” soak/ watering? This is my 4th grow and first time battling these lil fockers! Should I water with “coast” everyday till run off for 5 days or only a couple times and let the hempys do what they do? Also incorporated sticky traps. So far so good but I want to ensure I got the roots well and \m/KILL EM ALL!! \m/ MUCH LOVE TO ALL THE DGC MITTEN TROLLS! \m/… Tulips suck BTW.