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What’s up DGC, I have about 15 autos an 9 photos going at the moment, I’m in a 20 x 10 grow room, Running several different lights, from a spinder farmer to HLG. 75% coco 25% worm castings.. 4 4 4 amendments at start using advanced nutrients sensi bloom for coco. cal-mag, silica. Foliar spray of kelp 2x a week. Recharge 2x a week. Now the fan leaves look almost gold dust on them. I put them under my scope an no bugs. I even bought a new pH meter Thinking that may be it but all my plants would seem to have it then .. right ??.. I do a IPM 1x a week. Just this One has it and seems to actually be worse today.

Any thoughts on what’s going on?

So little back history. I was hurt pouring Concrete an proscribed Oxy, Fentanyl and everything you could think of, fast forward 10yrs an I was in Vegas shooting heroin 10x a day along with any drug I could get ahold of. I decided about 9yrs ago to get clean an it all started with a bag seed, I found myself more addicted to growing then any drugs I have ever been on. I currently am still on the methadone program but using cannabis its easier to step down an I will be 100% drug free in a few months. I found a lot of peace growing.

Thanks in advance.