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OK, so I have a few gripes about my neighbors and they are totally innocent of any shame. This isn’t isolated to my house, it’s happened almost everywhere I’ve grown. So I thought I’d share these experiences and see what else folks have dealt with over the years.

  1. Why the hell do you have to eat/drink/chill at your freaking nook every time I’m trying to do something crucial to the grow? Really, can you see my timer or something? Why does it have to be at exactly the wrong time that I need to get something done?
  2. Do you have to be that friendly? One time, it was this cougar up across the road that needed some plumbing work. Well, electrical, but she was at least 50 and had a man-boy helper of 20-30 something half living there. Granted, I had three greenies across the road. But that don’t make us friends. Now, I have an overly cool neighbor on the opposite side of the gazer squad that noticed me making my “man cave” (trademark fuckoff excuse for building a grow) in the garage. Nice guy, but man ease up. Ease up.
  3. The neighbors you don’t know. Fuck, do they ever leave the house? Car never moves, but I swear they are there. I’ve seen them twice in two years. I walk my dog beside their house every night and I hear them in there bitching about stuff, watch lights go off and on, although could be on a timer and they have some freaking Ferris Bueller sick dog contraption, which I still want, but still, where the hell are you?
  4. The guy who walks his damn dog by my house every morning who is actually really nice but the dog is big, is a pup, gets no excercise, happens to be a Germanfreaking Shepard, and it just bugs me the f out. I have a pit, she’s the sweetest in the world, and she starts to whine a little like “I don’t trust that dog man”. So I go with my gut and they suck.

FYI I live in an HOA and am on a board here, and we actually have fair MMJ policies. That part keeps me here, just barely.