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Hai! so i just wanted to share what growing on again. this is the sour apples i originally got for my freebie seeds that hermied on me. i wasn’t exactly sure what caused the issue (i suspect improper feeding). the flower it produced even though it was completely seeded was bomb. i was gonna trash all my clones (3 males 2 females from the 5 pack) but a friend made me decide against it. i chose the female that hermed the least, and the male that looked similar to that female. (the males were put in another room and flowered out as well, i had clones of everything). i then trashed all the other clones and kept just the 2 i wanted (3 as 2 female clones from the same seed took). i vegged the girls out a bit and a friend wanted to do a run even knowing the possible issues (that smell though…..) so i gave him some cuts. then flowered for about 2 or 3 weeks. in the mean time i flowered the male out in the kitchen under a 48w led and natural light. i then took the smaller female out and beat the shit out of it by the male (was also flowered for the 3 weeks). i then sprayed the other female down with water turned the fans off for a bit and put the smaller one back. i was very diligent about feeding and any other possible stresses and it did not herm on me this time. so in the end i got one plant with seeds and one to smoke. the larger produced 65g dried. i sacrificed all of the smaller one for the seeds( i plan on trying to make hash for my first time ever later). this was done in a closet with a fleece blanket as the door, one fan and approx 300 watts of light for the last 5 weeks (100watts up till then). temps were about 77 as a high and 68 as a low, humidity was at the mercy of ambient which due to winter ambient was about 35-40% (but with blanket up and plants watered the closet sat about 50-55%). literally the most basic grow i feel you can possibly do lol. mineral based nutrients were used for what i hope is the last time ever on this grow. i would like to note, i do not consider myself a breeder. this will be an experiment for the future for some friends and i that cant get over that smell. i consider this pollen chucking at its finest. please dont judge me to harshly. i want to thank once again dudegrows.com and seedsherenow.com for this opportunity to have some fun. please leave comments if you have any thoughts on the outcome.