Tried a 10 pack regular , first 7 were males and last three were females , thankfully . 8-9 week flower in description but closer to the 9 for this one and the other two probably 10 . Today it’s on day 56 and looks good . Plant in pic surprised me with its size as the other two plants are not pictured but much smaller . Right now trichomes are about 20 clear 60 white and 20 amber on the sugar leaf and 50 clear to half white, 40 cloudy and 10 amber and you could definitely harvest this plant , but this is where that extra week can hopefully change the ratio in more of a cloudy amber area that I personally prefer . Grown in amended soil under 630 watt cmh phillips lights which really get through a canopy and very little popcorn . All the buds are getting quite frosty. How long would you all wait to cut down ? I’m curious as to where everyone else likes there particular zone.