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Hey Guys,

Love the show. Just became a member. I’ve been learning more from every show, Keep em coming. I’m a new grower so bare with my Questions.

I’m Growing in a spare bedroom in my basement. I’ve got a 2×4 tent using T-5s for cloning and beginning Veg. My Flowering room is 8×8 and I’m running 2 SK402  (eyes on a third in the future) and I’m using Remo nutrients on city water and I have a CO2 set up as well. I know I should be using better water and am setting up an RO system for the future.

My main questions are,

How do I tighten up my buds, my first grow has been very airy and light?

I’ve been listening to your show and thinking of adding more red spectrum to the end of my grow, do I need this?

Other than my water, should I be using any other nutes?

Sorry for all the questions, these are just whats been in my head while i listen.

Thanks again for the great content!

Crispin H

IG- @_weed_wednesday_