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What’s up everyone. Haven’t posted in a minute thought I’d share this garlic breath with you all. She is amazing has a crazy crimson fade and will knock your dick in the dirt. I’m about to chop down the second run of this in a week. I did 2 clones this run and I have 4 ready for the next run. So I got these (5) seeds from a buddy. Only 1 turned out to be female. So I selected the male that stood out to me so I can make more garlic breath seeds. My thoughts were if I reverse this female and have it pollinate another clone of itself the offspring could not be better than the parents. So what my stoner mind is thinking is. If I use a male and pollinate my only female then the offspring have potential to be better and show more variety of different traits. So I bred the male to a handful of different winning females in my stable. Including that garlic breath female. So now I gotta start growing out those seeds and see what I get and if the male was worth a shite. Well it’s been a fun adventure with this plant and it’s not over yet. I can’t wait to grow out these seeds. It was almost more exciting growing for seeds then growing for flowers. Last pic is the female filled with seeds. Anyway, “Take er easy dude” (Scotty voice)

Long live the DGC