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What’s up DGC,

Found these beans in one of my favorite strains I got from a dispensary. Garlic Sherbert Bag Seed.🔥 These girls have some serious stretch in flower. But OMG do they smell dank! Week 8 of flower in a 5×5 tent using Luxx pro 645w led. Using ink bird controllers vent fans and humidifier to keep the VPD on point. 5 gallon grow bags Ocean Forest Soil, with Lava rock for aeration/drainage. Emerald Harvest Nutrients 6.7 pH in Flower. Weekly EWC top-dress during veg and water in with Recharge⚡, Switched to Mammoth P during flower and cut out EWC topdressing at week #4 of flower. Cut out Mammoth P after Week #6 of flower. These ladies stretched so much during flower I have to keep the light at 50% in attempt to keep from getting light burn and bleaching the buds. Keeping it at 50% seems to definitely help with packing on the trichs! And the buds are still filling in nicely.👌 Just thought I would share  my grow with you guys and see what everyone thinks. Always open to advice from the DGCFAM🙌