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Hey DGC!!! i’m just saw you guys post some pics on instagram of your hash and i just had my hash harvest 3 days ago and wanted to share!! This here is some gelato cake full spectrum hash 45u-149u all mixed together i am so excited to say my 1st time using the freeze dryer was a success!!! Every penny well spent! I even had some extra trays and decided to freeze dry some ice cream sandwiches! Might as well utilize that extra space. I pressed it in a 36 micron bag at 165° with a nug smasher OG got about a half oz of beautiful bubble hash to play with and some great SHO to smoke on. Terps are gassy and skunky, when we were washing the whole garage smelled of gasoline!!… I absolutely am loving your product too dude! Hope to see some videos of you pressing it!