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Hey Crew, Showing off my Gelato Cakes which are about a week from chop. Grown using a 20gal BaS 3.0 kit (free shipping) split between two 10gal bags. Drip watered with RO water spiked with Cal-Mag and hand watered with Recharge and Mammoth P. An occasional spritz of Optic Foliar.

They barely topped a foot after an 8 week veg. Main stalks were thicker than my thumb, though.

Best way to add CO2 to 4×4 grow is a 4×8 tent and a folding chair. This is after 20 minutes with the fans running at 7 to control the smell. During veg, when I stream the show in my tent, CO2 easily tops 1400.

Luckily, I planted autos as well and have been smoking them since mid-December. One of these lovelies popped some bananas (circled) and I thought “oh shit”, but then I thought, “free femenized auto seeds”. I blame the late flowering hermaphroditism on blasting them with my Agromax T5 UV a/b for 90 minutes a day for the final month. Sure produces a lot of tar though. Sticky nugs that would turn your finger tips black. I’m growing the results now.