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Hello everyone. Love the show so I took the plunge via Patreon yesterday.

I’ve been growing about 1.5 years in a 2 x 2 with a Mars Hydro TS1000 although I just read that the TS1000 isn’t so good for flowering in that space which might be part of the problem/question I have.

I’ve been growing in 3 gallon pots with FFOF soil mixed with FFHF Soil Conditioner for the bottom 2/3 and the top 1/3 is BioBizzz Light Mix. I’m using Recharge, Megacrop, and Maxibloom although I am pretty sure I have been feeding way too little. I pH religiously to 6.5. Temps steady between 78 -80F and humidity steady around 50%. Hard to get the humidity down this time of year by me – off the Great Lakes – so I have good air circulation at the top and bottom of the tent.

I’ve grown 3 cycles with Mephisto Genetics so far. Each grow has improved from the last although a few issues persist. I’m figuring user error. I have been growing 2 plants at a time but this last grow I figured I’d try 3. All 3 are 3BOG crosses from Mephisto Genetics that were freebies – Forum Stomper, Strawberry Nuggets and Double Grape. I mention that because I am fairly certain that their freebies are all F1’s.

The Forum Stomper and Strawberry Nuggets are great with pretty dense nugs but what you are looking at here is the Double Grape cross. It has looked like this from the get-go. I figure the foxtails are genetic because it’s allover the plant but that’s what I’ve read. In my researching what the heck is going on, I’ve come across similar examples where people are saying it maybe a ruderalis pheno? Is this such a thing? I know they’re crossing with a ruderalis but I thought that gets beaten down genetically although is that the case with F1’s? Or is the problem that I placed 3 plants in a space that is really only good for one when it comes to flowering? If that is the case, why would only one of the three turn out that way?

Love the show! My buddy still has our old Phototron from the mid to late 80’s if that rings a bell. Keep up the great work and have a good one!