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What’s up DGC,

What would you say the normal germination rate should be for seeds coming from online seed banks?

I have now purchased 5 Pineapple Express autos by 420fastbuds and 10 PBB55 fems by Aura Genetixs through seeds here now and out of the 15 only 3 PBB55 germinated.

Seeds were all soaked until sinking, then placed into a paper towel. My grow room runs between 77 and 82 degrees and the paper towel was never dripping wet or allowed to dry. After the bad results I was able to use the same method to get 5 of 5 bag seed that I had saved for a rainy day to pop but they’re definitely not what i was looking forward to having in my grow.

Is it normal for seed packs to be hit and miss or are they generally more reliable than this? I don’t like to be the guy asking for handouts for something I possibly messed up but this has me scratching my head.

Thanks again for the help crew. Keep bringing the dank.