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I started in a little 2×4 tent in a closet. A few years later, working with a few big farms and my own home grow. Every harvest I try to solve a problem. It’s gotten to the point I struggle to find a new problem to solve. Gone from soil to rock wool, then to dwc. Then back to straight coco. Turned out that the growing style I like is LST in recycled soil (coco and promix) amended with buildasoil craft blend. Through veg they get primarily a salt fed diet of capulator’s (Jack’s Back) recipe. As things start to get ready to flower they start to get dry amendments once a week. Plus a fish emulsion or liquid seaweed feed with some microbes every 3 waterings. The plants tend to eat anywhere from 1.7 to 2.2 ec salt mix during flower. Things I’ve changed in the last few runs. I went from a basic 3-2-1 mix from start to finish. Realized implementing bloom nutes at specific weeks in flower have made a night and day difference. Not only in yield but color too. Also went from hps to cmh. Then from Cmh to led. Personally would do cmh and led but power restrictions. With the cmh and the added uv there is a definite increase in terpene and resin production.